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 Dog Grooming

One-on-one (no kennels + no waiting)

Self Wash

Stainless steel tub & natural shampoos

Grooming By Appointment ONLY:

Monday - Sunday: Morning, Evening

and  Afternoon appointment times. 


Call, Text or E-mail to schedule:


The BOOK NOW button is for exisiting clients only (unless it is for a nail trim).  


I am so excited to share that a wonderful groomer has joined my team. I am now able to offer afternoon, evening, Sunday and Monday grooming appointments while maintaining the unique one-on-one grooming.

Please use the number or email above to schedule an appointment! 

Thank you for the continued support! Ashley


Your fur family now will have the expertise of a 

Certified Professional Dog Groomers in Ashley Pierringer and Rebecca Lasky.

237 W.  Grand Ave. Port Washington, WI

    Murdock & Higgins


    Ashley's Pampered Pets wants what is best for the pet first and foremost. 

    This is done with a calming environment, natural American-made shampoos, one-on-one attention, and timely services.  Allowing the dogs a stress free or less anxiety ridden grooming experience.  Quite, comfortable, and attentive to your dogs' needs.

    Call/text/email today to book your appointment or come on down to utilize the self wash station.


    We want your dog to have the best experience possible.  To make this happen grooming will be by

    appointment only.
    Depending on the package:

    Small & Medium dogs = 1-2 hours with consult

    Large dogs = 2-3 hours with consult

    X-Large dogs = 2.5-3+ hours with consult

    Different options are available to meet all needs:

    #1 Bath with an Expert- “Just a Bath”

    #2 Mini-Groom - “Just a Trim”

    #3 Full Groom - “The Works”

    #4 Puppy - “We Got a New Puppy”



    Want a clean dog without the hassle of using your own bathtub or making an appointment.  

    Problem solved = DIY dog wash!

    You will have access to state of the art tub that have built-in ramps, use of natural safe dog shampoos, and all the mess in one place.  

    You will NOT have an aching back, drains to unclog, or dogs jumping out of the tub sopping wet.

    This will be less stressful for you and the dog with an added bonus of “doggie and me time”.



    Pampered Pups


    I have always had a love of animals!  

    My 10-year career in insurance wasn't lining up with my passion. So I decided to go to dog grooming school while living in Colorado. I have been working in this profession for over 10 years and can honestly say I love what I do!  
    In 2018, I moved from Colorado and traveled the United States in a conversion van for a year.
    Now I am settled in my hometown of Port Washington and a proud momma of a toddler.

    I love working at my shop, seeing my clients, and giving the pups their spa time!

    I look forward to meeting you and your fur family.

    Ashley Pierringer


    Why is Pampered Pets Different:

    Most salons book and prep ALL their scheduled dogs during one time slot keeping the dogs waiting for “their turn”.  It is more of an assembly line of dogs.  In my experience giving the dogs a ONE-ON-ONE appointment time makes it less stressful for the dogs. From the minute your dog arrives it is his/her pampering time.  The dog is groomed straight through and is only kenneled at the end if it feels safer. This gets them back home in a timely manner and they enjoy the grooming experience.  This also allows the shop to be a mellow atmosphere which promotes positive behaviors, even from pets who generally don’t enjoy grooming.

    It is important to me that dogs have the best experience they can.  They are able to look out the big windows for entertainment, it is quiet so they are center of attention, and a chance to make themselves comfortable sniffing around. 

    I have groomed in Colorado, California and attended numerous expos to enhance my knowledge.  


    I love animals and have years of experience working with them. You can trust me to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, and healthy environment for your furry friend.

    237 W. Grand Ave.
    Port Washington, WI 53074


    Dog Grooming: Appt Only

    Hours (flexible)  / Monday - Sunday: morning, afternoon, evening 

    Self Wash: Appt Only - this ensures the tub is available

    **Call, text, or email to set an appt**

    Parking available in parking lot next to building or on street

    PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash or Credit Card

    Check me out on Facebook....

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