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All pets must be leashed or carried into the lobby.  Please do not remove the leash, harness, or collar.


Please allow 24-hour notice for cancelling an appointment. Otherwise a “missed appointment” fee of $25.00 will be applied to the next grooming.  We understand unforeseen things happen so do your best to communicate any issues.


Please respect appointment times. Due to the one-on-one grooming, kennel space is limited. It is important that drop-offs and pick-ups happen in a timely fashion.  If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment it may need to be rescheduled and considered a “missed appointment”, resulting in a fee of $25.


You will be given an estimated time to pick up your dog. There will also be a reminder text/call about 15 minutes before the dog is ready.  Please text/call if there is any delay. If you are more than 20 minutes late for pick-up there will be a $20.00/hour fee. When the dog is ready they look forward to showing off to their owner and we don’t want to keep them waiting.


Should you arrive and your dog is still being worked on, please sit quietly or wait outside.  Dogs get super excited to see their owner and this can result in not being able to finish the groom or even accidental injury.  Groomers are work with scissors on moving animals. This takes skill and the ability to read your dog. Please wait till they are off the grooming table to give them all the love and cuddles they deserve.


We choose comfort over vanity at Ashley’s Pampered Pets. This means we will not brush out an extremely matted dog.  It is inhumane, stressful and painful for the dog. The groomer will always do what is best for the dog! Along with educating the owner as to how to prevent matting in the future.


The use of kennels are used on "as needed" basis.  Example: some dogs may need to sit under a fan for a few minutes if they are too stressed with the high velocity dryer.  Or another dog comes in for a quick nail trim.  Or waiting for a parent to pick up and the next appointment arrives.  Please note the dogs do not intermingle with other client dogs. The set appointment time is reserved for the dog to get one on one attention and therefore is groomed straight through.  I have found it to be much less stressful for the dogs!   


There will be a groomer consultation at every drop-off.  It is your responsibility to let us know of any important changes in the health of your pet.  We promise to let you know if we notice anything during our care (moles, skin issues, lumps, etc).


We will send any dog home that is showing signs of aggression or unsafe health issues.  We do not accept pets who are under heavy sedation, pets who have had symptoms of sickness such as severe diarrhea or kennel cough, or any dog infested with parasites (fleas, ticks, lice).


If it is found that your dog has fleas or lice the dog will receive a flea/tick/lice bath with a special shampoo. The owner  you will be called immediately and asked to pick up the dog. There will be a fee of $15-20 if the special bath is needed. Recommendations for treatment will be discussed during pick-up. Once the dog is no longer showing signs of infestation the groom can be rescheduled.


We love old dogs!  But with age comes certain changes to grooming. My focus is now completely about comfort.  We will always do our best to work with aging animals, but please don’t expect a “show-like” haircut if your pet is having mobility issues. All of this will be discussed if the groomer is noticing the “aging” of the pet.


We want everyone to have a good experience!  So please be open and honest with the groomer.  Communication is key to keeping the dog and owner happy!  

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